The Madness of Lone Coyote

A Novel
The Madness of Lone Coyote

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From the back cover

What happens when the world discards a man? For Lone Coyote, what happens is – he becomes Lone Coyote. Now, in the mad belief that he’s a special operative of some kind, he’s on the road catching terrorists. He has learned that a number of cells are organizing for a coordinated attack in upstate New York and it is his duty to stop them.

What he can no longer see is that his military vehicle is a minivan spray painted in camo; his weapon is a set of PVC toilet pipes; the PRC-152 radio transceiver is a chrome toaster; and his companion, one Sanford Chopanza, is a big fat guy with a Santa Claus nose who swims in and out of Lone Coyote’s madness with no reason and no predictability. Meanwhile, all those terrorists he apprehends are just regular people with little patience for his antics. But Lone Coyote and Sanford are the good guys. They’re out there making a difference. And they’re willing to put up with getting the crap kicked out of them in defense of their precious ideals – because that’s what heroes do.

Told with heart and humor, The Madness of Lone Coyote is an on-the-road adventure, a political satire about an America going off the rails, and a good strong poke at certain macho types.

My own thoughts

I had a lot of fun writing this story, and I still find myself laughing out loud when I reread parts of it. Yet at its heart, despite that it can be funny, it is a work of satire – and like all satire, it is deeply sad, because its subject is a fallen world and the tribulations of the people who live in the aftermath of this fall. And of course, we can only wish it weren’t so: I would gladly give up the satire if it would help the world that provoked it not be.

I’ve been asked: will Lone Coyote return with more adventures?

And I’ve answered: yes, absolutely. He’s that kind of man.